3 Peaks Challenge

3 August 2019 (First Saturday in August)

Sponsored by the Friends of St. Patrick’s, the 3-Peaks Challenge is a sponsored walk across the 3 highest peaks in Yorkshire.

The challenge is to make the 26 mile journey in under 12 hours. All proceeds go towards the ongoing maintenance and development of St. Patrick’s Mission.

Sign-Up as a Walker

Join us as a sponsored walker and meet the challenge of the 3-Peaks!


To register for the event complete the on-line form below.

Alternatively, you can download a registration form 

Any cheque sponsorship can be made payable to St. Patrick's Mission.

Successful walkers, please return paper sponsor forms, registration forms and monies collected to: ​

3-Peaks Challenge

c/o St. Patrick’s Mission

1 Sedgefield Terrace

Bradford, BD1 2RU

Once you have registered, download a Sponsor Form to begin recruiting supporters for your challenge.

You can also generate on-line sponsor support for your walk by setting up a sponsor page with justgiving here.

Sponsor a Walker

You can also be part of the walk by making a general pledge in support of one of our successful walkers.



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